“Welcome to the realm of architecture at Minerva COA! ADA’s Minerva College of Architecture has been founded with the objective to empower the next generation of architects with all the skill sets to launch their career. The Architectural program at Minerva COA utilizes a set of novel and alternative methodologies in teaching to impart knowledge to students.

Our philosophy of design excellence integrates the imaginative and technical aspects of form resulting from new techniques of inquiry and design. We have a resource of brilliant faculty members who challenge the conventional ways of learning—through field work, professional collaboration and dissemination in a range of labs, seminars, workshops, initiatives, publications, and ongoing projects..

Architectural studies involve highly interactive ways of thinking and learning, through hands-on, cross-disciplinary, multimedia practices that directly engage the technical, aesthetical, material, spatial, ecological, cultural, political, economic and social dimensions of design.

Our studios form both the physical and pedagogical core of the Minerva COA experience. The creative, collaborative atmosphere of the studios is supplemented by excellent infrastructure, media-enriched presentation spaces, library resources, and open access to workshops enabling architecture students to develop, discuss, exchange, and materialize ideas through a comprehensive range of platforms and media.

We see our students to be committed individuals who will assume leadership roles in shaping the built environment by pioneering new design approaches to the challenges posed by contemporary society.

Best wishes for a wonderful experience!