Mr. Ganesh Mane Deshmukh
Date of Birth : 22 nd July 1981
Education : B.E. (Civil) ; M. Tech (Town Planning)
Organisation : M/s Mane Deshmukh G.B

Mr. Ganesh Mane Deshmukh (Managing Trustee)
Sushmita R. Vikhe Patil (Secretary / Trustee)
Art Development Academy has been established on 2nd April 2009 with an aim to contribute to the society in the stream of art and education. The trust looks forward to serve the society by providing excellent education facilities so as to create world – renowned professionals. The trustees of the trust are established individuals with both knowledge and experience. To fulfill the aim, Minerva College of Architecture was established in year 2010.

Minerva College of Architecture focuses not only on the growth of architectural insight in the students, but also on the complete development of a sensitive human being and a responsible citizen of the nation.

The eminent and experienced faculty is involved in the creation and experimentation on various skills for development of the individuals. Various tours and site visits conducted here, have clear objectives and are aimed at inculcating a spirit of research ability amongst students. Events and workshops are specifically intended for providing a platform for students to explore their inherent skills and understand new concepts and ideas, as well as get to know specialists in the field.